We have ideas and good intentions. We keep meaning to finish decorating the kids rooms. It just isn't happening.

Miss Vivian's room is the ever present pink and brown. I did make baby steps and actually printed digital photos, purchased frames and hung photos on Vivian's baby room wall as mentioned in a previous post. Check that one off the list.  YESSSS! 

We still have one glaringly stark empty wall, and she has outgrown the changing table, we'll need to figure out what will replace that space.

Ben's room is sort of decorated in vintage train poster/lodge look.

That was the idea.

But it really just looks like Duplo threw up in there, so it's hard to tell.

More organization crates please. 

Oh, and light blocking shades. The boy is up with the sun every morning which means, so are we.

I think I'm going to hit up the "dorm room" clearances that are soon taking place at any major department/big box store. Those items often seem to work for toddler rooms as well as college students. Well, maybe not the neon beer signs - but you know - the  lamps, cubes, bulletin boards, shelves. etc.

Our goal this fall: finish the rooms.

Here's some inspiration from a recent Real Simple Article 20 Creative Tips for Kids' Rooms.

What have you done to decorate your child's room?