Minnesota Professional  Fire Fighters, which endorsed Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty in each of his two races, gave their nod Tuesday to DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

“I’m now the public safety candidate,” Dayton said at a Minneapolis press conference joined by fire fighters. He was endorsed earlier this week by The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis and also has the endorsement of the state police officers association.
Fire Fighters president Tom Thornberg said his group asked all of the gubernatorial candidates to answer questions over the summer.  Dayton and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner answered the questions, as did other DFL candidates for governor. The fire fighters group could not agree on a candidate back in June when it first screened candidates.
GOP candidate Tom Emmer declined the invitation the answer questions from the group, Thornberg said.
Carl Kuhl , an Emmer spokesman, said "there was miscommunication" between the Emmer campaign and Fire Fighters, "which we regret. We were in no way slighting the courageous men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect the citizens of this great state."
The Fire Fighters said they made at least three calls to the Emmer campaign regarding the questionnaires they asked candidates to complete and Thornberg had at least one follow up conversation with then-campaign manager Mark Buesgens regarding the questions.

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