The state of Minnesota will be getting a check from Gov. Mark Dayton.

On Wednesday, Dayton took the state plane to get to Bemidji, Minnesota. Once there his plan was to do some campaigning and also to do some official business.

Given the split between state and political work, Dayton plans to have his campaign reimburse the state for half of the $3,312 cost of flying to the north central Minnesota outpost, according to his spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci.

Update on Thursday: Tinucci said Dayton's campaign will pay $2,118 to reflect the use of the plane for a leg of the trip that was campaign only. After the Bemidji stops, the governor also went to a DFL fish fry in International Falls.

Dayton's use of the state plane drew some attention from Republicans on Twitter.

"12:52 - State plane lands in Bemidji. 1:16 -[Dayton] arrives at DFL campaign rally," wrote Kevin Watterson, media services director for the Minnesota House Republicans.

"Wonder if [Dayton] will thank the taxpayers of MN for picking up the tab for his plane ride to a Bemidji campaign rally" added Andrew Wagner, a field staffer for the House Republican campaign committee.