Editor's note: Sarah McLellan is covering the Wild during the NHL postseason in her birthplace of Edmonton, but first must spend 14 days confined to her hotel room. She'll write regularly to her father, who now lives in Arizona, with an update on life with limited freedom.

Dear Dad,

There’s already hockey on TV here in Edmonton.



Obviously, it’s not live. The NHL doesn’t restart until Aug.1. But most evenings as I’ve scrolled the guide on my TV, I’ve noticed a rerun. Last night, it was a Leafs-Hurricanes game that appeared to be from this season. No, it wasn’t THAT game – the one when emergency goalie David Ayres swopped in for Carolina. I thought it might be initially, and so I kept the TV on that channel for a little while, but eventually I figured out it wasn’t the same one. Maybe it’ll be on another time.

I might turn on a ball game tonight. MLB is officially back today and soon basketball and then hockey. I wonder how fans will feel reconnecting with sports. I know covering the Wild will be different; already my job has changed, and I don’t know the next time I’ll conduct in-person interviews or report to an arena without wearing a mask. But the purpose behind what I do is still the same.



The fans at home, though, who will be hunkering down on their couches to catch live games again, how will the experience be to them? My guess is they’ll enjoy it and be captivated. Sure, the broadcasts might not look and sound like how they’re used to but if they’re anything like me and you, sports isn’t just about home runs and slam dunks and power plays.

Being a fan is about having something to look forward to and believe in and rally around with others who feel the same way. That collectiveness, that relatability, is what I love about sports. And I think people will get that vibe whether the arenas are filled or not.

So as I see vintage hockey on my screen, I’m reminded that new games are right around the corner and I’m excited to once again share with readers what happens – another slice of normalcy returning alongside the action.

Other than that, I’m still obsessed with real estate shows. I’m up to date on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and can’t wait for Season 3 of Selling Sunset to debut on Netflix next month. I’ve also been watching the local news, especially the forecasts to see if the actual temperature matches up with what I see outside my window. Supposedly, it’s been warmer the last few days. But I can’t confirm or deny that.



If you have any other TV suggestions, send them my way. I think I can find time to work them in the rotation.