Editor's note: Sarah McLellan is covering the Wild during the NHL postseason in her birthplace of Edmonton, but first must spend 14 days confined to her hotel room. She'll write regularly to her father, who now lives in Arizona, with an update on life with limited freedom.

Dear Dad,

Guess what I had for supper last night.

Fries and gravy, just like the good old days.

Remember when we used to grab a bucket of chicken, fries and gravy on a Saturday night (with a glass of Orange Crush) and chow down at the kitchen table before settling in front of the TV? Those nights are so clear in my mind; I can still see the orange mustache across my upper lip from guzzling the pop. (It's pop now that I'm in Canada, soda when I'm back in the States).

At some point in time, I started mixing in ketchup with my fries and gravy. Did you teach me to do that? Anyway, that how I prefer to eat fries if I get gravy on the side. I didn't get ketchup with my order last night but if I did, I would have mixed it all together like I did as a kid.

Burger and fries aside, I've actually been eating pretty healthy in quarantine. I've managed to have salad almost every day I've been here, and I've substituted water for pop on most nights. I could mix more fruit in but since I'm ordering takeout for every meal, my options are somewhat limited. (I did come equipped with snacks, though, packing crunchy Cheetos, puff Cheetos, Goldfish crackers and Kind bars. I like cheddar, what can I say?)

I start the day off with iced coffee, from Tim Hortons or Starbucks, and either a bagel or breakfast sandwich. Figuring out what I'm going to order for supper is actually one of my favorite parts of quarantine. I'm working my way through the cuisines, already trying Italian with Chinese waiting in the wings.

Tonight I'm thinking Ukrainian, maybe some borscht and pierogies. They won't be like the ones Mom makes, but it'll be nice to have a meal that reminds me of home. You know what else will remind me of home? One of the places I'm planning to eat at once I'm out of quarantine, the ice cream shop we used to go to when we still lived here.

Your go-to flavor was Tiger, if I remember correctly, the orange ice cream with the black licorice stripes.

If they still serve it, I'm going to get that – in your honor. And a juicy medium-rare steak.

Bye for now.