In less than 14 hours, a 23-year-old woman crashed her car and then stole five vehicles in three counties southeast of the Twin Cities before being arrested at her home, the Dakota County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

The Hastings woman, who has a record of drug-related convictions, was jailed ­Saturday night and awaits felony charges.

Once authorities caught up to her Saturday night at her residence, she explained to them "something to the effect that she was high [during the thefts] and doesn't really care," said Sheriff Tim Leslie.

According to the sheriff:

The woman crashed her car into a tree in Miesville, in southeastern Dakota County, about 8:15 a.m. Saturday and stole another vehicle from a home nearby.

That afternoon, Dodge County authorities reported that they found identifying items in an abandoned stolen vehicle linking it to the woman. Soon after, Dakota County was alerted to "additional stolen vehicles" in Dodge and Olmsted counties. Dakota County deputies caught up to her at her home about 10 p.m. The woman's criminal history includes two convictions for drug offenses and one for a stolen vehicle.

Paul Walsh