As I started pre-fishing for the Grant County Bass Club 4-man open on Saturday morning, I knew things were going to change come Sunday because of all the rain fall the upper Midwest has senn.  But I was hoping that my channel and secondary cut's could handle the extra water.  For a back up plan, I also found numerous slop areas for an afternoon frog attack.  After having a pretty good morning, I had a major curveball thrown at me when my trolling motor cable snapped.

Luckily I was able to get a loaner trolling motor from J-Man, who is an authorized Minnkota service technician.  Without him I wouldn't have been able to fish in my tournament.  If you are looking for any trolling motor service, give J-Man a call at (319) 239-9798.



The additional foot and half of water and floating grass made my first four spots unfishable, so it was off to do some frogging in the backwaters.  The bite was slow, but by slowly dragging a Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog across the mats I was able to put five bass in the box.  To be able to frog all day long, I relied heavily on my Wright & McGill Tessera Frog rod and Quantum 'Burner' reel.  With these key items, I could frog fish all day long comfortably and know I could get a bass out of the thick stuff.

At this point my trolling motor batteries were dead, so with an hour left we anchored the boat on a point and my partner caught a 2.5 lb. smallie on an RC Tackle Tube.

So in all things turned out pretty good, we had 11 bass, one shy of a limit, that weighed 23.86 lb.'s and put us in 9th place and cashed us a check!

Stay tuned next week as I recap the final regular season Big Bass Bonanza event and find out if we qualified for the championship.