Today: Jessie Diggins, 2018 Olympic gold medalist, whose World Cup ski season was derailed by the coronavirus pandemic. Diggins, of Afton, and athletes from around the world were set to race in a much-anticipated World Cup sprint event in mid-March at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. The races were to be the first World Cup action in the U.S. in 19 years.


This sounds weird, but I adore reading through cookbooks. I'm going through Alison Roman's cookbook, "Dining In!" I've been loving the chance to work through her book one recipe at a time and expand my kitchen skills. I'm also finishing Michelle Obama's "Becoming," and I am completely in love with her open and honest storytelling.


I'm following quite a few people on social media right now! I've been partnering with Salomon and Oakley to make some at-home workout ideas to keep people safe while still finding ways to get their sweat on. I've also been following my favorite dance teacher in Boston, Sean Bjerke, as he took his dance classes online.

I've been consciously trying to limit my intake of COVID-19 reports these days. I read a little bit every morning, but then once I know the up-to-date guidelines on my area, I stop consuming data and reports on the virus. Because information is changing so fast, and fear can spread as quickly as germs, my focus has been on staying smart and safe but also not letting this virus take all of my energy and focus away from positive, uplifting things in my day (like my online dance class!)


A lot of trashy Netflix shows that I'm too embarrassed to write down. But rest assured I've been melting my brain like everyone else with these little gems.


So many podcasts! I've been loving "Work, Play, Love" with Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas, especially because Lauren is so smart, so well-spoken and such an absolutely empowering woman to listen to. We need more coaches like her to continue pushing women's sports forward.


I've been busy promoting my book, "Brave Enough," which came out this spring. Releasing a book during a pandemic isn't something I'd recommend to anyone, and most of the time it feels silly and wrong to promote something during times like these. Yet it's been incredibly uplifting to hear readers responses to the book and see how it's given people something to do while at home with more downtime. So I hope that this book leaves people excited and inspired to get outside and get moving once it's safe to do so. It's been really incredible interacting with readers through their messages on social media or questions on live events I've been doing, and seeing what skiing and sport in general means to so many families!

I've also been working on home projects with my boyfriend, and the past few weekends we've been building a set of sliding barn doors for our closet with a matching headboard. Let me tell you, there is nothing more exciting than learning to use a compressed air nail gun for the first time.

I signed up for the app Next Door to volunteer to pick up and deliver groceries to any at-risk households in our neighborhood. It's been so inspiring and powerful to see how many good people there are volunteering and helping one another. It gives me a lot of hope.

Diggins had a virtual book event (and workout!) Tuesday through The Loft Literary Center. View it at