Today: Jenny Anderson, aka online as Girl of 10,000 Lakes, where she tells stories about her travels (and dispenses wisdom) whether it’s snowmobiling in Wisconsin’s North Woods or navigating the Northwest Sportshow.


I love listening to audio books. I just finished “Taking Aim” by Eva Shockey. I enjoyed hearing another woman’s perspective on learning to hunt later in life. I didn’t grow up in an outdoorsy family, so hearing Shockey’s memoir on becoming passionate for the outdoors is encouraging. I appreciate her stance on conservation, sustainable and healthy eating, and enjoying the slow moments in nature. Unrelated to the outdoors, I’m in the midst of finishing “On Becoming Babywise” by Dr. Robert Bucknam and Gary Ezzo in preparation of our first baby. Baby Anderson’s due date is on Minnesota’s fishing opener — quite fitting.


I am shamelessly active on social media with Instagram as my main hub for content. I follow certain hashtags to see the best-curated, tagged content. Some of my favorites are #cabinlife, #onlyinmn, #campvibes, #icefishing and #bwca. I feel inspired whenever I see photos or videos pop up from one of these tags. Seeing visuals of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness makes me want to plan my next trip. I think there will be at least two trips between this summer and fall.


“Nattie Up North” is one of my new favorite channels on YouTube. Natalie is a fellow Minnesotan and millennial who loves fishing as much as I do. She has the best tips on using different techniques and lures. I want to try musky fishing this summer because of her.


My podcast list is never-ending. I have dozens of downloaded episodes in the queue, including “The MeatEater Podcast” with Steven Rinella and “Anchored with April Vokey Podcast” by April Vokey. Both are for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Vokey focuses on fly fishing, which I am just starting to get into. I finally got my first pair of waders and wading boots this spring! I also listen to Jenna Kutcher’s “The Goal Digger Podcast.” It’s all about productivity, social media strategies and business tips. I find it really helpful when I’m doing work related to Girl of 10,000 Lakes.


I just launched a new Instagram TV, or IGTV, series called “Cabin Fever.” It’s a short video series on cabin life and making the most of the great outdoors no matter where you are. My husband and I tag-team on shooting the content. We work with lodges and cabins, businesses and tourism organizations to sponsor the shows. The first show is in Vilas County, Wisconsin, where we learn how to snowshoe and go snowmobiling through the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.” The second episode takes place along the Gunflint Trail. We stay with one of the year-round cabins on the trail and ice-fish for lake trout. I end the episode with one of my favorite lake-to-table meals, oven-baked trout niçoise with roasted potatoes and green beans. You can find the series through my Instagram @girlof10000lakes.