Today: Carrie Tollefson continues to live life through running and other outdoors pursuits. Tollefson, of St. Paul, was a middle-distance runner in the 1500-meter race on the U.S. track and field team at the Summer Olympics in Athens, and has multiple NCAA and national titles. Today, among other things, she continues to run — and train others — provide color commentary on road races broadcasts, and has her own podcast.


“Go, Gwen, Go.” Elizabeth and Nancy Jorgensen wrote a book together about their daughter and sister, and my friend, Olympic gold triathlete Gwen Jorgensen. It is about their journey as a family to get to the top! Gwen is from Wisconsin but spent a lot of time here in Minnesota. She is training for the Olympics in track.


I am following Justin Grunewald, Gabe Grunewald’s husband. Gabe was a professional runner who had a rare cancer for 10 years. She died last year. He is the president of the foundation she founded called Brave Like Gabe to raise awareness for rare cancer and keep people running on hope. He is on Instagram @JustinGrunewald1, or you can go to to read more about the foundation or donate to the cause.


Besides “Legos” movies with my kids? My husband and I love “This is Us,” and “The Morning Show” on Apple TV. We have been watching the movie “Elf” with our kids — also lots of football! Fun to hear the questions from and reactions to my little boys. They try so hard to keep up with the big guys in our family.

My daughter and I like to watch “Outdaughtered” or “The Kelly Clarkson Show” when we get the TV. It is rare when there are two girls and three guys in the family.


I am a podcaster (C Tolle Run) and I love running podcasts. My favorite is The Rambling Runner. We also love to sing and dance to Lizzo. My kids think it is so cool she is from Minnesota. I also love listening to my kiddos over the holidays. The sweet conversations about Santa and Christmas, but then the yelling that takes place after they promised to stay on the nice list. Oh, the joys of parenthood. I wouldn’t have it any other way (although Christmas break is really long this year — especially when you work from home ... HA!)


I am trying to get in some good runs this winter, and most of us runners think it is fun to see which city gets the paths plowed faster. That is always the debate. Both mayors are runners, so it is always a topic of conversation which city will be able to run outside more. We think it should become a new competition. We will be skiing for New Year’s ... God, help me!