Q: What should you do if you get pulled over while in an Uber?


A: It depends on why the driver is being stopped. If you had nothing to do with the reason — a burned-out light or the driver ran a stop sign, for instance — remain quiet. But if you are the reason — you’re late and you insisted that the driver run the stop sign, for instance — you should own up. You probably can’t do much about the ticket; legally, drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles. But you should at least offer to pay the fine.

JULIE BLAIS COMEAU, business etiquette expert at etiquettejulie.com


A: The first stage of getting pulled over in an Uber is the “I’m going to be late” stage. The next stage is wondering what your driver is getting pulled over for. Was he speeding? Is this a stolen vehicle? The third stage is panic. Is this really your Uber or just some guy with two cellphones in the car? The fourth stage is fight or flight. Should you try to help talk the driver out of the ticket or just call another Uber?

The final stage is acceptance. You open the Uber app to report a problem. You ask for a refund.