I just saw this in today's paper.  A local, grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter were all born on June 1st. 

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I have always thought that it was pretty cool that my brother, sister and I were all born on the 21st of different months.

21 has always been our family's lucky number.

Then my brother and sister-in-law had their kids on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the month. Each date coinciding with their birth order. 

Oh the pressure was on to have some sort of cool or coincidental birth dates with our kids. 

No such luck. They each forged their own way, in their own time with their very own dates when they were born. 

Although Vivian has a lyrical rhyming date of 11/7/07 that I love reciting whenever I make a doctor appointment for her.

The receptionist  inevitably asks  "Date of birth?"  It always makes me smile before I say it  "Eleven seven oh seven" 


How about it do you have any same, quirky or interesting birth dates in your family  to share? 

Any  08/08/08's or 01/02/03's  etc?