NEW BUSINESS Segetis Inc., Golden Valley, said that its semi-works production facility is fully operational and is producing green chemicals suitable for development and further commercialization. At capacity, the facility could produce 250,000 pounds per year of chemicals and chemical building blocks from rapidly renewable resources.

LEGAL MATTERS Ruyan America Inc., Minneapolis, said that its China-based joint venture partner, Ruyan Group Holdings, has successfully asserted its intellectual property rights to the essential technology and design of the electronic cigarette in a recent legal proceeding in China. In a Chinese court in January, Ruyan prevailed in a lawsuit against e-Cig, a China-based illicit manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and accessories. As a result of the decision, e-Cig was required to pay compensation to Ruyan for damages, destroy its existing inventory and agree to never again engage in the electronic cigarette business. The ruling was the first of what Ruyan expects to be a series of such decisions, as it has initiated similar actions against other illegal, China-based manufacturers.