Mandy Matula's brother will continue the community search for her this weekend in Eden Prairie.

Steven Matula said Wednesday that no other organized volunteer searches are planned this week besides one starting at noon Saturday; he was still working on details. He also hopes to organize a larger effort to find two other missing Twin Cities women, Kira Trevino of St. Paul and Danielle Jelinek of Oakdale.

"It's not just about Mandy, it's about the three girls," he said. "It's the right thing to do."

Mandy Matula, 24, was reported missing Thursday by her family, who had seen her talking with her ex-boyfriend, David Roe, in his car the night before. Roe, 24, initially a person of interest in her disappearance, was called in to be questioned by police; he shot himself in the head while parked outside the Police Department and died Friday.

Police confirmed Tuesday that Matula's blood was on a jacket in Roe's car and that an unfired bullet found near an Eden Prairie church was from the same gun that Roe used on himself. Roe legally bought the gun four days before he last met with Matula and practiced at a shooting range three days after that, Steven Matula said.

Despite seeing jealousy issues with Roe, Matula's family wasn't worried because he was well-mannered and respectful to them and never physically hurt Mandy, Steven Matula said. "Dave was a great guy," he said. "He just had jealousy issues. [Mandy] told me not to worry about it."

Court documents show Roe did have an issue with a previous girlfriend. In 2007, his then-girlfriend filed for a restraining order, saying he punched her at a party and stalked her after their three-year relationship ended.

Kelly Smith