Like the red-headed woodpecker, this one likes collecting acorns. Look for a slight red patch on their bellies, a red nape or nape and crown, and barred wings.


The largest one in this family, these woodpeckers sport a red-peaked head and a black body that can be more than a foot long.


With black feathers and a streak of golden yellow on its head, this northern Minnesota woodpecker has barred feathers on its sides and three toes.


The tiniest in the family, this little woodpecker has a small bill and streak of red on its head.


With its dramatic red head, this once dwindling species is returning with the help of restored habitats.


Slightly larger than a downy and sporting a longer bill, it’s easy to mix up these two.


A black-and-white barred back distinguishes this woodpecker from the similar black-backed woodpecker. Both favor burnt-out areas and infested pines.