Playoff picture

Sunday is the last day of the regular season, meaning it’s almost postseason time. All eight spots have been clinched with some seeding still to be determined. Here’s how the matchups looked going into Sunday’s games (teams will be reseeded after first and second rounds). All times Central:

First round

Wednesday (single elimination)

(7) Dallas at (6) Phoenix, 9 p.m., ESPN2

(8) Seattle at (5) Washington, 7 p.m., ESPN2

Second round

Sept. 10 (single elimination)

Lower seed at (3) New York, 4 p.m., ESPN2

Higher seed at (4) Connecticut, 2 p.m., ESPN2


Begin Sept. 12 (best of five)

Lower seed vs. (1) Lynx, 7 p.m., ESPN2

Higher seed at (2) Los Angeles, 9 p.m., ESPN2


Begin Sept. 24 (best of five)