Noise canceling headphones that are actually good

If you want good headphones that are both wireless and noise-canceling, this pair is for you — finally. The Samsung Level On wireless headphones ($249 at have a little something for everyone.

The only physical controls are switches to turn the headphones on and off and to engage the active noise canceling.

The outside of the right ear cup is a touch pad that allows you to swipe up or down to increase or decrease volume. Swiping forward or backward skips to the next song or goes back to the previous song on an album or playlist.

The battery will last for up to 23 hours of Bluetooth listening or 20 hours of wired listening with active noise canceling. If you want to listen wirelessly while using active noise canceling, you'll enjoy about 11 hours of music.

An added benefit is the ability to make and receive phone calls, both wired or wirelessly. The sound you hear is quite clear, but unfortunately the Level On's built-in microphone doesn't extend toward your mouth.



This gadget can make family or work travel easier

Tablets are great for both business and family trips. A tablet is easy to carry and can hold most of the data someone needs. On the family side, a tablet loaded with movies and music can be a better way to pass the time in a car than, say, playing the license plate game. But tablets are limited by their memory and battery life. You can increase both with the Mophie Spacestation, a combination backup battery and external hard drive.

The Spacestation can triple the battery life of an iPhone 6, Mophie says. Files can be transferred to the Spacestation wirelessly or via USB cable, freeing up space on your device.

Those files are managed with Mophie's redesigned mobile app Space, which organizes any file downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, including photos and documents, making media easier to locate. Space is free and available for iOS and Android devices.