Saturday's lone goal in Minnesota United's 1-0 victory over FC Dallas came in the 94th minute, from Robin Lod's right foot in the goal line's shadow.

The momentum for it might have come from much farther away on the outside, from the energy fullbacks Romain Metanire and Chase Gasper expended up and down each sideline.

The Loons outshot FC Dallas 27-6, but just seven of those were on target for a team that nonetheless persevered until Lod finished off teammate Emanuel Reynoso's curling corner kick after defender Brent Kallman got his head on the set piece's initial touch from 9 yards out.

Afterward, Heath praised both Gasper on the left side and Metanire on the right for their ability and willingness to push the Loons' attack forward from the wings late in the game while they also ran back to defend.

The Loons' second consecutive 1-0 victory also was new starting goalkeeper Tyler Miller's second consecutive clean sheet.

"When I look at the last 20 minutes, it was the endeavor, the determination, the desire to make something happen, especially from our two fullbacks," Heath said after Saturday's game. "The way we play, they have to put in an incredible amount of energy. Romain and Chase really gave us something later on in the game."

FC Dallas goalkeeper Phelipe Megioloro blocked Metanire's powerful drive on a right-side run in the 82nd minute. As stoppage time ticked away, Gasper's effort pushing deep into Dallas territory created the decisive corner kick.

"We were in the ascendancy for probably most of the second half," Heath said. "But a team like them, you're always worried that you're going to get done with the old sucker punch on the counter. Tonight, we didn't."

Heath deemed Metanire's play on Saturday his best this season.

"I thought he was outstanding and his willingness to keep going, he started to combine really well again," Heath said. "Robin gives us a lot of calmness on the ball and makes a lot of really good decisions. Then Rey started to come on that side as well."

Gasper had some misplays that contributed to the Loons' 0-4 start. But Heath called him "outstanding" on Saturday and he said he told Gasper so after the game.

"For him to come through what he has been through the last few weeks," Heath said. "He has made a few errors and they've been costly. But it's all about personality and all about actually fighting through it … I know what it's like when you're playing with not a lot of confidence. Sometimes you just have to play through it, keep working and hope it starts to turn for you. I thought we saw a lot of that with Chase tonight."

Up for interpretation

The Loons pleaded for a hand ball in the penalty area in the 75th minute, but even a video review denied them. Wil Trapp's pass at close range hit FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges' right arm extended from his body.

The referee determined it wasn't in an unnatural position and Hedges couldn't get it out of the way in time.

"I had a perfect view," Trapp said. "In live time, it seemed like a penalty to me. But those things are tough. It's definitely a law that can be difficult to interpret at times."

Take a break

The Loons play just once before their next home game on June 23 after a FIFA schedule break.

They have a bye this week, while they expect newly signed striker Adrien Hunou and left-side attacker Franco Fragapane to arrive.

"To have gotten the six points, with an opportunity to bring two more quality players in, I'm quite pleased about that," said Heath, referring to consecutive home victories over Vancouver and FC Dallas.