Contract highlights

Some highlights of the terms of Tracy Claeys' three-year deal. The incentives are similar to those in Jerry Kill's deal.

The money

Claeys will make $1.4 million in 2016, and receive $100,000 raises in 2017 and 2018.

The buyout

If Claeys is fired, the university would owe him $250,000 for each year remaining.


Jerry Kill's contract included a provision that stated his assistant coach salary poll had to be in the top six in the Big Ten. Claeys' contract does not include that clause.


Much like Kill's contract, Claeys' deal has several big bonus opportunities:

• Win five Big Ten games: $50,000. Each Big Ten victory after that: $25,000.

• Earn Big Ten Coach of the Year honors: $50,000.

• Win or tie for the Big Ten West title: $100,000.

• Win the Big Ten championship: $125,000.

• Make a bowl game: $75,000.

• Beat an ACC, SEC, Big 12 or PAC-12 team in that bowl game: $50,000.

• Win the national title: $150,000.

• Team GPA bonus: If they average 2.8: $50,000; or if they average 3.0: $75,000.

• Home attendance bonus: If they average 47,000 fans: $50,000; if they average 49,000 fans: $75,000.