Byron Buxton

Scouting report

Here are excerpts on Buxton's pre-draft scouting report from ESPN's Keith Law, grades based on 20-80 scale (80 Hall of Fame caliber, 30 not a pro player):

Speed: 80

Arm: 70

Fielding: "chance to be a 70 defender''

Raw power: "…has hit for very little power [senior HS season] … raising questions about what his actual power ceiling might be.''

– meaning he can adjust to better pitching and make some small mechanical tweaks – he could be an offensive and defensive force in the middle of the diamond.''

Bottom line: "Buxton is by far the best upside prospect in this year's draft.''

The quote: " … his body and off-the-charts athleticism have earned him comparisons to players from the Uptons [B.J. and Justin] to Matt Kemp to Eric Davis to Willie Mays. If you want raw tools, this is about as good as it gets.''


This past offseason, both Baseball America and rated Buxton as the No.1 minor-league prospect in baseball. Here are's scouting grades for Buxton, on an 8.0 scale (first number is present mark, second is future):

Hitting: 4/6

Power: 3/5

Speed: 7/7

Arm: 6/6

Fielding: 6/6

Quote: "Buxton has a full toolbox, with the ability to do everything well on the baseball field. His speed is his best present tool and that will help him be a threat on the bases and play a very good center field.''

From Baseball America 2014 Prospect Handbood:

Batting: 75

Power: 65

Speed: 80:

Defense: 80

Arm: 75

Quote: "A late-season promotion [from Double-A] seems logical, and Buxton should have every opportunity to seize the starting center field and leadoff spots with the Twins by Opening Day 2015.''