$34 million over par

A study commissioned by the City of Minneapolis this year showed that the six golf courses owned by the city are in need of over $14 million in "critical" improvements. If the city wanted to hit all the recommended improvements — everything from green and tee-box replacements to major renovations at Gross National, Meadowbrook and Theodore Wirth — the estimated bill hits $34 million. A course-by-course look:

Course Critical Total

Columbia $2,010,000 $4,295,000

Fort Snelling $575,000 $2,095,000

Gross National $1,930,000 $4,360,000

Hiawatha $2,335,000 $6,180,000

Meadowbrook $3,035,000 $8,915,000

Theodore Wirth $4,225,000 $8,650,000

Totals $14,110,00 $34,495,000