Charlie Coyle ducked into a seventh-grade classroom at Benilde-St. Margaret's on Thursday afternoon carrying special gifts for two faithful Wild fans.

"Whoa" and "What" spilled out of the students' mouths when they realized who the big guy with a buzzed head in shorts and Wild jersey was.

Coyle, the 24-year-old Wild forward, greeted the kids and asked for Grace Lira and Kieran Wickner. The young Wild fans joined Coyle at the front of the room where he hand-delivered their families' season tickets and a gift bag.

Coyle was one of four Wild players including Matt Dumba, Marco Scandella and Chris Stewart who surprised fans by hand-delivering their season tickets Thursday.

"It's a nice experience to go and kind of meet the people first-hand who are at our games and support us like that a cheer us on," Coyle said. "It's pretty cool to thank them in a way, the best we can, meet them and hand-deliver [the tickets], and put a smile on some peoples face. It's a good feeling.

"It was nice to see all the kids and see their faces light up. You remember when you were younger like that looking up to people. … It's a little more meaningful."

Coyle, at his first stop Thursday, surprised Lira, her father Lee and little sister Scarlett, and Wickner and his dad Anthony. Coyle later surprised Bob St. Mane and his staff at St. Mane's Sporting Goods store in south Minneapolis.

See more of Coyle's exciting day around the Twin Cities in the above video.