A New Hope man attacked another driver with a tire iron after he was confronted about parking illegally in a handicap space, according to charges.

Stephen Todey, 24, was charged Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court with one count of third-degree assault for the Jan. 26 attack in Brooklyn Center that left his victim unconscious.

According to the complaint: The victim and his girlfriend stopped by a Walgreens store in the 6300 block of Brooklyn Boulevard.

He tried to park in the handicap space because his girlfriend has multiple sclerosis, a disease of the brain and spine that can cause physical weakness. Her symptoms were "extremely bad" that evening.

A car without a handicap sticker was parked in the space

The victim exited his vehicle and confronted the driver of the other car, Todey, who also exited his car.

The two men argued, and Todey retrieved a tire iron from his car and struck the victim several times, the charges said. He also punched the victim several times until the victim fell to the ground.

Todey began kicking and stomping on the victim before fleeing, according to the complaint.

Video surveillance captured the incident. Police found Todey later that evening. He was "extremely intoxicated," the charges said.

The victim suffered a broken nose, a traumatic brain injury that led to unconsciousness and several bruises and other minor injuries.

Todey is in jail on $40,000 bail.