A teenager donned a fake mustache bought at Wal-Mart and robbed a credit union in Rochester, according to federal charges. However, a tip alerted police to the suspect's identity and they busted him and his girlfriend, who acted as the getaway driver in a car that had their young son along for the ride, authorities say.

Andrew J. Fogan, 19, at the time of the June 19 crime, of Rochester, was charged in U.S. District Court in St. Paul this week with armed robbery in the stickup of an Affinity Plus Credit Union branch in Rochester.

Fogan donned a get-up before the incident, according to prosecutors, in the form of a hoodie, a white ball cap and a fake mustache, all bought at Wal-Mart earlier that day. His appearance left the teller with the impression that Fogan was 25, the charging document added.

About a month later, police were tipped that Fogan was the robber and that his girlfriend, Madison Reichert, 21, of Byron, was his getaway driver. With them was their 1-year-old son, police said. Reichert has since pleaded guilty.

Paul Walsh