CEO Pay Watch Arctic Cat Inc.

Claude Jordan, chairman, president and CEO

Total compensation: $9,977,601 for the year ended March 31

Salary: $617,430

Non-equity incentive pay: $307,141

Other compensation: $22,108

Exercised stock options: $8,827,033

Value realized on vesting shares: $203,889

New stock options: 42,115

Total fiscal 2014 return to shareholders: 10.1 percent

Note: Jordan took home $9.98 million, more than double the $4.9 million he took home the previous year. His realized compensation was aided by $8.8 million from previously issued stock options that he exercised during the year.

Jordan's annual salary increased 3 percent, but his annual bonus decreased 60.4 percent to $307,141. The company had raised the financial performance goals for executives to earn bonuses at the start of the fiscal year, including 15.4 and 13.7 percent increases to revenue and net income targets, respectively. Economic challenges and currency exchange rates caused 2014 results to be less than expected, slicing bonus pay.

Patrick Kennedy