A month ago, I asked if Vikings QB Case Keenum was a top-10 MVP candidate based on an ESPN midseason piece that looked at candidates. While Keenum wasn't listed in the top 10 at the time, I argued he could supplant some above him.

Here we are a month later, with Keenum having played well while others have faltered. He's now No. 5 on that same updated ESPN list of NFL MVPs candidates. Tom Brady was the landslide winner, garnering 59 of a possible 60 points. Rams running back Todd Gurley was second with 27 points, followed by injured Eagles QB Carson Wentz (21), Saints QB Drew Brees (17) and Keenum (14).

But if Brady stays healthy, Keenum might not even get a single MVP vote. The reason? The process used by the Associated Press to vote for NFL MVP. There are 50 voters, and each of them chooses a single candidate. If voters have to pick just one QB, they will pick a healthy Brady in a landslide.

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