Today in Link Chum - those annoying boxes at the bottom of the page that promise 27 Historical Photos You've Probably Never Seen (#7 is Shocking): animals. I was intrigued, because I'd never heard of this site before. New clickbait sites surface every day. Can't imagine anyone bookmarking them. I'm not going to link, because these sites are shameless litter.

This one's written by middle-schoolers.

I think we’ve all been on this earth long enough to know pretty much all the basic animals, and even a few of the weird ones like those weird fish things with light bulbs (Anglerfish). However, don’t get too confident in your non-existent zoology degree because there are some seriously freaking weird animals out there that I can guarantee you’ve probably never seen before.

We all know pretty much all the basic animals. Then there's another one, about historical figures.

History is boring and uninteresting to most, myself included. But there are some interesting facts about historical figures you didn’t know that might make your history lessons a little bit more interesting.

Just the person you'd want to find tidbits you MAY NOT KNOW. Best one is Carlos Escobar.

He was a huge troll, and stood in front the White House when the DEA and Interpol were looking for him.

Yes, I think that's the first line in his Wikipedia bio. He was a huge troll. Now you know!

TRAVEL Via Coudal, Unusual pictures of Venice, without the usual Venetian cliches. #7 will shock you!!! Well, no. It may cost you money, if you buy lace there. It's the island of Burano. My wife bought some lace there. At the next island on the tour she found it for half the price with a Made in China tag. Same thing. You'll note there's a leaning tower. There's also a statue of a local musician, with this sad monument.

I always wonder who chopped off the saints' heads, and whether he was loaded, and whether he regretted it the next day and eventually convinced himself it didn't happen, and it wasn't his fault.

GAMES The strangest thing I have read this morning concerns people who have spent a decade attempting to prove that Michael Jackson had a hand in the Sonic 3 soundtrack. There's this line.

Kotaku, Gawker Media's gaming blog, proclaimed victory: "Yes, Michael Jackson Did Work On Sonic The Hedgehog 3," one headline blared. But Ken Horowitz, a prolific and influential Sonic forum poster, deemed the site's proclamation premature. Kotaku had to clarify.

Did you catch that? It's one thing to be a prolific poster, but to be an influential Sonic forum poster is quite a unique achievement.

The piece comes down squarely on the side of Yes, He Did, and for kids who played Sonic in the happy halcyon nineties, it's worth it.

TARZHAY As no one says another. If you're not interested in Sonic, you're probably interested in this: an exhaustively detailed story on why Target had trouble in Canada. The reasons may surprise you.

No, really, I'm serious.