Q: How many “individual areas of 250 people’’ could Canterbury logistically do?—Kent Borgerson

Q: Now that I have seen Canterbury will be reopening with only 250 fans allowed by invitation only, how do I get an invitation? Will Running Aces be opening also?—Bryan Osmonson

A: According to the latest Stay Safe MN rules, seated entertainment venues with multiple individual areas cannot exceed 250 occupants for each area with a listed capacity. That applies to indoor and outdoor seating. At this point, Canterbury is planning for three or four areas, with potentially more to be added during the 52-day racing season.

The track invited 250 people for its first two days of racing this week, restricting them to the third floor. Tuesday, it will open the second level to 250 more. A maximum of 250 horse owners, trainers and staff will continue to be allowed on the first floor. Canterbury also is considering opening its Silks track-level area to another 250 patrons on June 20 for simulcast wagering on the Belmont Stakes.

Starting next week, admission to all areas open to the public will be by reservation; track officials still are finalizing the details.

Running Aces will start its 50-day harness racing season June 20, with racing on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Simulcast wagering won’t be available until July 1.

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