Minnesotans are having a hard time letting go of the iconic Arby's hat sign that was removed in Uptown after the decades-old fast-food joint abruptly closed Jan. 29.

Since the closure, people like radio host Dana Wessel of Go 96.3 have left flowers at the foot of the post.

And now, more than 3,400 people are "interested" in attending a candlelight vigil for the Uptown Arby's sign on Friday, according to the Facebook event page.

"This is a national treasure that has been desecrated," Christina Collins wrote on the page. "Has anyone contacted the local historical preservation society? The Smithsonian?"

Noah Hevey, the organizer behind the event, said the vigil "blew up more than I expected" with 2,000 people in under 24 hours saying they're interested.

"You all seem to think this is a big organized thing. I'm just one guy who shelled out a bunch of money on candles," Hevey wrote on the Facebook event page. "I have had a couple people approach me about providing music for the event. Stay posted."

Hevey told the Star Tribune that he's "overwhelmed with how much support this event has received. It really shows how big a deal it was in the community."

The candlelight vigil is scheduled to take place Friday, Feb. 9 at 8 p.m. at the old Arby's location on 1116 W. Lake Street in Minneapolis.