In September 1977, we bought a 2-acre lot with 200 feet of shoreline on Graves Lake, north of Remer, Minn. We camped on the property in the summer of 1978, and took the next big step in the spring of 1979 and bought a log cabin kit from Red Pine Log Homes in Backus, Minn. During the next 10 to 15 years, the cabin evolved to its point today with the help of family and friends.

The next 35-plus years included endless water skiing, tubing, hiking, bicycling, fire-pitting, cabin games and fun. The family cabin stands as a symbol of enduring friendships and family bonding.

The cabin currently is in a trust for our 12 grandchildren (from our four children). The ownership will pass on to them when the youngest grandchild is 21 in 2033. Hopefully, there will be years and years of cabin fun for the next generations and beyond.

Mike Maguire, Elk River