"We made the film in my hometown and we get to premiere it in Remy's and we like that," actor/writer Kate Nowlin told me of the good fortune she is enjoying with the movie "The Blood Stripe."

The psychological thriller starring Nowlin is about a Marine struggling with PTSD after her third tour of duty in Afghanistan. It was co-written by Nowlin, directed by her husband, Remy Auberjonois , also a co-star in the film shot in upstate Minnesota. "The Blood Stripe" gets its world premiere June 2 at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

"They called us personally and we were really excited about it, very moved by it," Nowlin said. "We get a nice premiere. It's a small festival. I believe only 42 films; there were over 4,000 submissions. We are one of a few narrative features. We're excited. We want to sell out the first screening in the hopes of getting a second. The tickets go on sale Tuesday and we are already getting a good [number] of people interested. Just after Los Angeles we will go to the Provincetown Film Festival [in Massachusetts]. Minnesota native and producer Christine Walker runs the Provincetown Film Festival and Andrew Peterson, who runs IFP Minnesota, is one of the programmers at Provincetown. We are submitting and looking for an international premiere, so we are still submitting to some big international festivals as well."

When you have a movie in the can, the follow-up question is always about your next project — and she has one: "I am currently writing a pilot, which I will shoot and make here, a television shoot here. I don't think I want to give you the title of that yet. I am co-writing it with a childhood friend, Annelise Christ, who ran a theater company here called the Hidden Theatre, which is no longer, and her parents own the Black Forest Inn.

"We will be able to talk about that at the festival because everybody wants to know what's next," said Nowlin, whose family's home base is Minnesota, though they also maintain bases in California and New York.

Search for Prince's Walgreens

I'm sure authorities had an easier time figuring out the Walgreens where one of the last photos of Prince was taken than we did.

Since TMZ posted the photo, local media have been trying to locate that drugstore. TMZ reported that Prince "got Percocet four times in seven days" from this Walgreens.

Twitter's @jcrpete — known as Janie Peterson when she was a local TV meteorologist, who runs Peterson Productions with her award-winning photojournalist husband, Chris Peterson, did a thorough sweep of drugstores near Paisley Park. None was near a building like the one in the background of the photo, capturing Prince walking to a vehicle.

"We were working for 'Inside Edition' that day [the Friday after Prince was discovered dead]," said Janie, "and our New York producer was going on a tip that it was the Walgreens in Chanhassen. So the New York Daily News and us were scoping out the Chanhassen Walgreens."

When it became obvious it wasn't that Walgreens, they checked out all the other pharmacies near Paisley Park. Janie told me to let her know if I found that drugstore.

With a very specific tip from Twitter's @SocratesToga — thank you — I found the Walgreens. It's in Minnetonka at Highways 7 and 101. And the distinctive building in the background is a veterinary clinic.

Baby, baby! Williams has twins

KARE 11 weekend anchor Camille Williams delivered her twins Friday. And nobody left the hospital with the name Prince, despite lobbying by her husband, "KARE 11 Sunrise" anchor Cory Hepola.

Senia and Sevi are the names of their girl and boy, who have an 18-month-old big brother, Cormac.

"@CamilleKARE11 is a rock star & doing great. Now a #Blessed Family of Five," posted Twitter's @CoryHepola.

She's more than a rock star: She delivered without meds. When Williams sat behind the anchor desk, I could make out little heads at her armpits. I cannot believe how she trudged around as a weekday reporter up to the babies' births.


One hateful tweeter puckered up and posted this: "Nobody cares, the birth of babies is not news. It happens every second of every day." Hepola replied: "I think these twins are pretty amazing, but thank you for sharing your insight with me."

May I remind this TWITterer, whose name I withhold to deny him another follower, that he doesn't have to watch KARE 11 or read Hepola's social media posts.

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