"I guess she just forgot to share with us guys that things may not be working out," Gayle King, co-anchor of "CBS This Morning," said Monday about the end of the Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods romance.

Over the weekend, the Minnesota-born Olympic ski champion and the world famous golfer announced they are ending their three-year relationship. Kudos to the sports power couple for having the maturity to announce the bad news on social media, the same way they did the good. Turns out dating's "hectic" with two big careers, even when you have gazillions and a private jet.

"Vonn spoke with us about the relationship JUST TWO WEEKS AGO," noted King, who took some incoming attitude from co-anchor Charlie Rose. "She doesn't have to share with us her personal relationship," decreed Rose. Said King: "She doesn't have to, but it was clear that we — make that I — was very curious. 'Cause, Charlie, I know, you don't care."

Rose relishes his image as a man of ideas, which is often boring and long-winded the way he does it. Charlie "I'm not interested in personal lives" Rose would be the perfect interviewer for Woods, whose next blonde will probably be someone with a much lower profile than the skiing world's most winning woman.

Woods appeared to be trying his hand at being less private with Vonn, who never revealed too much but probably talked too much for his comfort.

Tiger's next blonde probably won't have her own fame or media commitments/relationships or a job that requires Woods to spend time away from a golf course.

Putting the skids on Vonn gives Woods time to see if the distraction of a girlfriend was the reason that he has not righted his game to a level that gives him a chance to challenge Jack Nicklaus' majors record.

Wendy Williams told viewers she was surprised the Vonn-Woods romance lasted this long, but during "the entire three years me and [my] 'Hot Topics' [team] never heard of him stepping out on Lindsey. Apparently she is going back into training because she is an Olympian and when you're 30 years old you don't give up your career for a man. I was asked, 'Do I think it will be hard for him to move on and have a normal relationship with somebody else?' I said, 'Yes, he's had a normal relationship with Lindsey. What he did to Elin while they were married is almost to be expected when you are with an elite athlete or some sort of savant … they never had a normal life.' "

I can't go into the sand trap with the talk show host and that last thought.

There was no excuse for how Woods dogged Elin Nordegren, mother of his two children. I was pulling for Vonn to be Tiger's second wife. But if that's not happening, I hope that seeing how Woods settled down with Vonn softens Nordegren's heart and puts that cute little family back together.

Stolhanske stokes Mallrats 2

Kevin Smith's dream of shooting "Mallrats 2" in Minnesota got an endorsement from "Super Troopers 2" moviemaker Erik Stolhanske.

Stolhanske linked on his Facebook page to my Thursday column item about Smith, and Monday afternoon more than 12,000 Facebookies had viewed Smith's wish to shoot the "Mallrats 2" in Minnesota where "Mallrats" was filmed.

I'm not a Facebook person, but I knew something was going on because on my Twitter account Stolhanske's name kept being retweeted with the phrase, "Yes, what Kevin Smith says!"

Condolences to PACER chief

PACER Center Executive Director Paula Goldberg is easily one of kindest executives with whom I have regular contact, so I was deeply saddened to hear about the untimely death of her tech superstar son, David, 47.

David Goldberg, an admired longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur and CEO of SurveyMonkey, a Web-based survey company, died Friday. That meant that his mother was absent from Saturday's annual PACER gala for the organization that champions children with disabilities and campaigns against bullying.

I met David at least once at a PACER event, and he was as lovely and gentle a soul as his mom.

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