Nicole Curtis, the host of "Rehab Addict," said on her Twitter and Facebook accounts that she was victim of an attempted carjacking, but police are reportedly saying not so fast.

"BEFORE READING THIS — WE ARE SAFE AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS," she began a Wednesday post, which did not mention where the incident occurred. Whatever happened, we now know it occurred in Detroit.

"I was the 'victim' of an attempted carjacking and it made me question every single thing I have going on in my life. I kept it together through the police report and about halfway home … I lost it," she wrote. "Here I am the self-appointed 'come live in the city — there's no such thing as bad neighborhoods just bad neighbors' and I got ... robbed."

(Since her original post went up, the words "attempted carjacking" have been removed.)

Curtis said she "got comfortable" as in she let down her guard. "They got my old house book and my laptop, but I had my keys in my satchel not in a purse — not accessible. Had I thrown a 'purse' in; had I started my car to get the AC going while loading everyone and everything up — might be a totally different horrible outcome," she wrote.

The Detroit Free Press reported a less harrowing set of circumstances as described by that city's police department, which said there was a crime Monday night but nothing more than the snatching of a purse through her vehicle's open window. Curtis and a male friend were returning from the Jazz Fest downtown, police told the newspaper. She was helping her friend get a baby into his car when the purse-snatching occurred, authorities said.

If the young man who allegedly targeted Curtis ever gets caught, he can expect to meet the no-nonsense mother of two, one of whom is a baby.

"I'm coming to meet you," Curtis wrote. "First, I seek to understand what makes you think this was a good idea. 'Cause the mom in me wonders was it the only choice you thought you had? Second, I'm going to pray for you that your life takes you different directions."

Reached by phone Wednesday night by my colleague Paul Walsh, a curt Curtis barked that this didn't happen in Minneapolis and ended the conversation right there.

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