A flasher showcased her alternating skills to the owners of Dehn’s Garden.

Bonnie and Bob Dehn told me they got an eyeful from a woman two weeks ago at the temporary Hennepin Avenue location for their herbs and vegetables stand at the Thursday Farmers Market.

A laughing Bonnie said the woman, wearing “white sweats, a tank top and nothing else, lifted her top, put it down then lowered her pants and pulled them back up. Up and down; down and up.”

Bonnie was setting up the tent early that morning when She Flash stepped right up to the table on which the Dehns were about to display their goods, ahh … the day’s herbs.

The most important part of this story, from Bob’s perspective, is this: “I didn’t look.”

He told me that more than once. Bob did, however, re-enact for the photo accompanying this item the expression on Bonnie’s face.

“You have to bring a whole bucket of humor down here,” said Bonnie. “You are welcome to join us out here at 5:15 in the morning.”

I am usually up, perhaps dressed, but definitely not interested in seeing flashers, I told Bonnie, recommending that she laugh next time as I understand that speeds along some flashers.

“Laughing? Don’t look. Don’t say a word. Let her be,” were the strategies deployed by Bonnie as the woman stood there “At least 3, 4, 5 minutes” said Bob. “Long time. She was doing a lot of that [up and down act].”

This was not a very talented flasher if she didn’t know how to keep the tank top up while lowering the sweats.

“Thank God!” laughed Bonnie. “Don’t tell her [how to do that].”

Bob and Bonnie thought this was just their private moment with naked local color until “later in the day four or five people came by and said, We heard you had a flasher? I don’t know how they found out, we didn’t tell anyone.”

Other vendors must have seen She Flash. (That’s The Flash, with the S where the T should be. Must I explain everything to you people? Apologies to DC Comics.)


Wildly difficult PR problem

The Bloomington dentist who killed Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion is proving wildly unpopular for local PR firms.

Ad Week wrote an article that shows how Spong PR offered up Jon Austin’s PR firm like the sacrificial lamb that Cecil was.

According to Ad Week @SpongPR tweeted, “To confirm. Spong does not represent Walter Palmer. Please direct all media inquiries to Jon Austin at jon@jaustingroup.com.” Austin had a full voice-mail box when I called Monday to confirm that it has severed ties, if it ever was connected.

Someone at a smaller firm got a phone call Wednesday from a concerned citizen, from California, looking for Palmer’s PR firm. When asked how he got the firm’s number, the concerned citizen said, I’m calling all the PR firms in town. Yours was eighth on my list.

All my PR pals are animal lovers who wouldn’t dare go near this.

“CBS This Morning’s” Gayle King said she was told to imagine someone had killed Lassie, knowing what an animal icon that dog was in America. When contacted by TMZ, animal advocate Bob Barker, retired “Price Is Right” host, wished things I can’t repeat happening to Palmer.


Wanted: Dwyane Wade

Khari Richburg has his heart set on doing a Special Olympics event with his favorite athlete, NBAer Dwyane Wade.

Richburg planned and hosted the Special Olympics Summer Dance Team Fundraiser Saturday at the Holiday Inn in St. Paul.

“It’s a need. You don’t see [any dance events] for special needs people like me and my friends. It would be a good thing,” said Richburg. He said one day he would like to open a “club kids can go to without [any] violence, no crime, none of that. That’s my vision. I’m going to start off small and go big gradually.”

In my startribune.com/video from the fundraiser, Richburg sent a “a shout out to Dwyane Wade. I’m about to send a letter to your foundation and see what you think of it.” FYI, DWade, Richburg’s charity is Olympic Kingdom.


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