Cultural and music critic Touré was in the metro for the trio of reunion shows at First Avenue performed by Prince's band the Revolution.

The author of "I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became An Icon," told me he was here to write a piece for Rolling Stone. Of course, he was also here because Prince is No. 13 on the "I love" list at, a list of movies, books and people. No. 1 on his list is "My wife and kids."

Touré hung out at the First Avenue events with Prince's ex-wives Mayte and Manuela Testolini. Apparently not one person thought he was Testolini's second husband, singer Eric Benét, who was not here, according to Touré.

When I asked Touré if he ever gets confused for Benét, the writer told me, "All the time! My mom thinks I look like him."

Touré told me that when he did a story on Halle Berry, he accompanied her while she picked up Benét's daughter from grade school. Berry, whose second husband was Benét, said to the youngster: "Doesn't he look like Daddy?" And the little girl, India, responded with an enthusiastic, "Yeah!"

I am a huge fan of the journalist, author and TV host — Touré was on MSNBC's sadly canceled "The Cycle" — who brings such ebullient intensity and erudition to every conversation.

I interviewed Touré on the second floor of MOA's Radisson Blu.

Bad idea — it was noisier than the last time I conducted an interview there, and we attracted attention.

There was this woman who left before I could get her name, who took a seat at the gigantic table where I was interviewing Touré. She didn't know who he was; she simply was drawn to him because of the interesting words he was saying. We hit all the current hot topics: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Colin Kaepernick and that third, not-so-well-known racist verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner" that revealed Francis Scott Key as a fan of slavery. While Touré has forgotten more than I'll ever know, he too was unaware of the troubling third verse until it was linked to on Twitter by, I believe, John Legend.

As Radisson Blu guests walked by, even though we were not on the pathway, murmuring about Touré could be heard; others could not suppress their excitement about the celebrity sighting.

Then there was this guy. He stopped to take a photo of Touré. That was fine. Then he took a seat at the table and started listening to our interview. That was OK, too, until it appeared he was using his phone to record his own video of my interview being videotaped. I let the man know this was not happening.

When our interview concluded, the man couldn't wait to shake Touré's hand. Turns out this fan, Barron Morgan, is a famous Louisville, Ky., whistleblower. The former Louisville police detective was paid a $450,000 settlement after he was demoted for trying to help an imprisoned woman prove her innocence on a homicide charge, according to the Courier-Journal: What a sad commentary on the police world: A police officer is punished for trying to do the right thing over the objection of superiors. Morgan was in the metro for the Revolution shows, or, as he called it, "The best vacation I've ever taken." Morgan once pursued his own musical dream in Minneapolis, but that didn't work out as well as his other calling, law enforcement. (Morgan had no idea who I was but his wife, Janice Morgan, is a fan of my writing. Her favorite Prince song is "Billy Jack Bitch," which is about me. She's sorry she didn't give me a hug, which will happen the next time they are in the metro.)

Touré gave me so much material I think my Q&A with him will have to be broken into three parts, with video sure to include his onlookers, including the owner of Morgan Security Services.

Hoffman at the State Fair

Dustin Hoffman had much more important matters on his agenda than eating at COV in Wayzata.

Reader Linda e-mailed that Hoffman was at the State Fair the day before it officially opened to watch the "English hunter/jumper competition while all the 4-H kids bring in their [animals] and vendors clean, stock and landscape their stands. Dustin was in attendance at Warner Coliseum watching his granddaughter compete. He also spent some time in the Horse Barn and was very gracious when asked to pose for pictures."

State Fair marketing and communications manager Brienna Schuette told me she did not see Hoffman but "a very reliable source" told her the Oscar winner was watching his granddaughter at a horsy event.

Vonn's flame flickers

"I loved him so much and I still do," Lindsey Vonn said of Tiger Woods, from whom she broke about a year ago.

The Olympic gold medal skier recalled her love during a "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" adventure scheduled to air Monday, after my deadline. The NBC show apparently released a tease to People magazine about the show.

Vonn apparently isn't dating anyone right now. Sounds like a hint to me, Tiger. "It just didn't work, you know? It's nice to put the priority back on myself and just do what I need to do," People quotes Vonn as saying.

During those last quotes, all I heard was, "Blah, blah, blah … call me." Vonn and Woods are both near the end of great careers, so I am hoping there's a chance since Elin Nordegren really seems done with Tiger.

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