The release of Greg Jennings by the Vikings will not cut his family’s ties to the Twin Cities.

Nicole Jennings, who’s frantically putting the final touches on Saturday’s trunk show charity event for her Posh Mommy website, said, “We have become accustomed to the community, our kids have a place in the educational system. We were building a house here, anyway. We’re Midwestern people, coming from Michigan, as our main hub or home. We’re [selling] that house there, as well, so we’ll only have our home in Minnesota when it’s all said and done. That is the game plan as of now. You know things change so frequently, I don’t like to speak into the future. Our kids love it here. We’re happy here.

“For me the stability for them was most important. Once Greg was released from the Vikings … all they really cared about was, ‘Does this mean we’re moving?’ After we said no, they were like, ‘Oh. OK.’ ”

Nicole attends all of Greg’s games. However, their children will be racking up frequent-flier miles when school allows. “People do it every day,” she said. “It’s just something different because we have four kids. But they are well traveled. They’ve been to London. They’ve grown up in the football life.”

Managing the kids and a commuter marriage is just one more thing for this busy mother, who said the “awesome” success of a Super Bowl pop-up store for her online boutique (; makes her want to do something similar in Minnesota every couple of months. The boutique raises money for charities with an inventory of women’s and children’s clothing supplied by the wives, girlfriends and significant others of professional athletes.

“It really showed me that I need to figure out where and how to create a storefront for my company,” she told me. “It got that much more exposure [by being at the Super Bowl].”

She’ll be testing that theory Saturday when has a Shop Posh Trunk Show from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at D.Nolo in the North Loop, 219 N. 2nd St. A portion of the Shop Posh proceeds will be donated to Mental Health Resources, a local nonprofit.

Deer & more dear

Twitter’s @AdrianPeterson posted the cutest photo Saturday of an unidentified child — I’m assuming it is Adrian Peterson Jr. — with a fawn.

“Look what We stumbled upon in the backyard. Bambi,” read the tweet. The photo had been tagged a favorite 1.3K, last time I checked.

I believe this is Jr. because Twitter’s @MrsAshPeterson posted the same photo with the tweet, “How cool is this … ran across baby Bambi in our backyard!” plus another photo showing the fawn, partly concealed by vegetation.

Neither Peterson parent specified whether this was a back yard in Minnesota or Texas.

April 13, Peterson was in Minnesota. He tweeted a photo of a meal — three pancakes, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, three eggs, toast — near a @Freehouse­Mpls menu. The tweet read: “Leaving Minny soon and here’s a meal that’ll help put me out for the count on my plane ride back home to Tx!#iknow!”

I would interpret “#iknow!” to mean Peterson is aware of how much healthier the Freehouse’s filling kale salad is (even though that salad doesn’t come with two or three strips of delicious, thick-cut bacon).

Stories are still being written constantly about where Peterson will play next year, despite his agent changing his tune about Peterson leaving here, despite Vikings veep Rick Spielman so far looking sincere about having no plans to trade the team’s feature back. Why would we do that? He’s under contract. Peterson also returns with fresh legs, because of … you know, and he’s not going to let his boys down whether they are Vikings or Cowboys, the home-state team for whom Peterson has said he’d like to play.

In a story posted Monday by TMZ, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said, “If that could happen, I would love it. The Vikings [are] not letting that happen, because if they did, the league would know what would happen.” I assume that’s a reference to the league opening the door for every pouty player not to live up to a contact.

I’m ready for Peterson to stop sucking that thumb, put on the underwear that fits him, not his little boy, and show up for work in Minnesota.


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