KARE 11 anchor Julie Nelson certainly has been looking more upright these days.

Has she been in for a new bra fitting? "Yeah, Oprah's show about bras changed my life," Nelson said Wednesday. "Finding one that fits makes all the difference."

That Oprah show aired years ago, but that was apparently all Nelson had to say about her transformation. A KARE 11 insider tells me there's been no newsroom chatter about Nelson's higher profile. Duh. Of course, her colleagues aren't talking about it. That's called creating a hostile work environment.

The modification, however, has been observed and remarked upon elsewhere.

I finally took notice Monday when Nelson was not sitting behind the anchor desk. (And by the way, she looks terrific in the "power anchor chair," where Paul Magers once sat and which is usually occupied by a man.)

Nelson was doing a stand-up, making KARE 11's 6:30 p.m. introduction to NBC's Olympic coverage. She had on a stunning, dark pink sleeveless dress that accentuated a flat belly and made the area above look just the opposite.

Nelson's new figure was brought to my attention by some readers who, like network execs, appreciate the visual aspect of TV.

At first I thought the e-mails of Chad H. (July 16; 6:55 p.m.) and Tim B. (July 17; 10:14 a.m.) were too much of a coincidence to be credible. Then Shelly's July 17 e-mail arrived at 3:46 p.m.: "Did you catch the KARE11 news yesterday? I think instead of you asking if Belinda [Jensen, meteorologist] and Julie were pregnant [see: March 20 column ] or gaining weight you should have asked where they had their ..."

Oh, Shelly. You must learn to be as subtle as Mark H., whose playful July 24, 10:43 a.m. e-mail read: "Did Julie Nelson of KARE 11 news get a 'Lift Kit' and we don't mean platform shoes!! She went on assignment and came back with more blonde in her hair and a new look to her posture, as well as the new 'cat-like grin.' You know the grin like the cat that ate Tweetie. We know you can settle this gentlemen's bet!!!"

Watch this spaceKeep your ears peeled for some breaking morning broadcasting news.

Hartnett's heartthrob?Josh Hartnett may have appeared to be having a late breakfast Tuesday with Linda Molitor outside Lucia's Restaurant.

Look again, tipsters.

Hartnett was with a woman who looked a lot like Sophia Lie. She's described by Zimbio.com as the actor's "Norwegian model-girlfriend." The romance is also creating palpitations among media in her native country.

Did you have brunch with Josh Hartnett today? I asked Molitor, ex-wife of former major-leaguer Paul Molitor? "No," she said.

Did you see Josh Hartnett at Lucia's today? "Yes," she said.

With whom was Hartnett having breakfast? "Some model. Leave me alone," said Molitor, abruptly ending our phone call.


Before I called Molitor, I had been misinformed that Hartnett and Amanda Seyfried were the Hollywood duo glitzing up Uptown and ordered to rush over to see for myself. Upon further review, I concluded that Hartnett was with someone who better met the description of Lie.

There are overlapping and likely inaccurate Internet reports about when the Seyfried-Hartnett romance cooled and how long amour has been bubbling between Hartnett and Lie.

It's safe to report that Hartnett was with a very pretty woman, as usual.

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