"Deep. Breath," reads a promo for Lizz Winstead's annual shows at the Cedar Cultural Center. "Our Black president is leaving and our KKK endorsed president will take over. … You're Freaking out. I'm Freaking out. Let's Freak out together AND laugh while we do it!"

"The Daily Show" co-creator's "Controversy: A Hilarious, Tragic Review of 2016" will be Dec. 30 at 7 p.m.; Dec. 31 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Of course, there'll be a Prince tribute. Winstead adored him. He figured prominently in promos for previous New Year's Eve's shows, so you know she's going to share her thoughts on his death. We did this interview via e-mail.

Q: While you may be sad about the outcome of the election, as a satirist you must be thrilled?

A: As a satirist, I will probably be sent to a gulag. Until then, no one will be left unscathed in my year-in-review shows this year.

Q: You told me there was no way Hillary Clinton could lose to Donald Trump, although on Twitter, I kept tweeting that those people with Her were sounding a tad cocky.

A: I assumed incorrectly that Americans still somewhat valued qualifications. I was mistaken. Also, cocky is an awkward choice of words, but I do think there was an arrogance that bit folks in the rear.

Q: Do you think Hillary Clinton just ran a bad campaign?

A: It can't be written off that simply. In some fashion, yes. I also think the DNC solidified the thing people hate most about politics: the major parties anoint candidates and don't listen to the people. They have valid criticisms. Also, white supremacy and sexism are real. SURPRISE!

Q: Will you ever be surprised by anything else now that Trump has been elected president?

A: NOPE. And after looking at these Cabinet selections, it feels like his choices are ENTIRELY based on setting up an ironclad, impeachment-free presidency, as each cabinet nominee in succession for the presidency is more incompetent than the next.

Q: Now that you've got President Trump, what are you going to do with him?

A: I will probably spend my time satirizing the people he surrounds himself with to paint a bigger picture of the nesting dolls of incompetence he is creating to run the country.

Q: President Abraham Lincoln famously assembled a Team of Rivals. When it's all said and done, Trump's administration will be …?

A: More like a Team of [the] Reviled.

Q: Some blame the media for not doing more to hold Trump's feet to the fire. I think given the mood of the country and Americans' love of celebrities, his election was inevitable. Your thoughts?

A: I blame all of it. Media owns a huge role in this. The thing I see as THE MOST glaring, however, is that His statements about women, immigrants and his PROFOUND lack of understanding of governance or running a business were NOT CONSIDERED as a reason for people NOT to vote for him. That should give decent people pause.

Q: Trevor Noah's "Daily Show" stock as a successor to Jon Stewart rose after the Tomi Lahren interview. Did you think Noah was a worthy successor to Stewart before the Lahren interview?

A: I have always loved Trevor and have always thought he was worthy. Anyone who didn't see his potential was willfully not giving him a chance and pining for the past. The interview should be taught in journalism schools to [show] what happens when you listen in an interview and how that gives you all the power. He listened and challenged her statements, destroyed her amateur Dollar Store outrage.

Q: How can America fix its problem with racism? Do you think that has a lot to do with white people never really accepting or discussing their ancestors' role in the treatment of blacks and the original Americans?

A: I am not gonna pretend I know how to fix racism. Short answer: Not acknowledging our racist history is 100 percent a factor. I WILL SAY, however, one way to make change is the simple fact of creating a life that includes friendships with people who don't look like you, have backgrounds and life experiences that are different from yours. Listening to their stories and prioritizing their experiences in how you shape your ideas of what can make a better world are a good start.

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