KSTP-TV morning show anchor Brad Sattin and meteorologist Patrick Hammer have been given six months to find other jobs.

“They Vineeta’d* them,” said one insider.

News director Lindsay Radford confirmed the pending departures Wednesday. She also told me that my insider info was correct in that Sattin and Hammer had asked that she not announce the news they received last week. “They asked for time to talk to the people they know in the building; they built friendship with and we honored that request,” said Radford.

Weird. It’s as though these guys are unacquainted with KSTP’s “Breaking News” graphic.

Radford told me anchor Megan Newquist and traffic and entertainment reporter Rusty Gatenby will remain on the morning show.

* That’s the first name of Vineeta Sawkar verbacized as a result of the former KSTP-TV anchor, who now works for startribune.com, being last known to have been given a heads up to find another job.

I have a feeling other morning changes are coming, by the way, and that a new male anchor has been identified.