Remember Steve Cochran, the KDWB-FM morning show DJ back when that station was fun? He’s doing extremely well with a talk show in Chicago at WGN. His latest stint with WGN began in 2013. “Was there 2000-2010; fired in 2010 by some guys from the bar in Star Wars,” he quipped.

When you read his answers in this e-mail Q&A, don’t forget that Cochran is a stand-up comedian.

Q: What’s up, Grandpa? What is the most ungrandpa-like experience you have introduced to your son’s baby?

A: She’s too young for the real fun yet, but I look forward to many years of her parents eye-rolling … at me.


Q: What’s something Grandpa has willingly done that Dad didn’t? I remember you as a fairly involved parent. (Maureen is free to correct my recollection.)

A: Ross is all over it! A great dad already. But in regards to my own fathering, I’m a diaper genie.


Q: Updates on Maureen and the kids, Amy and Ross?

A: Maureen manages Vera Bradley stores and travels to open new stores around the country. Amy just got her master’s in behavioral therapy and works one-on-one with kids with autism. Ross is doing well as a mortgage broker. His wife, Lauren, is a nurse at Lurie Children’s Hospital here. And “The Cochran Show” is the No. 1 talk show in Chicago … unless Oprah comes back.


Q: One of the most clever, to say nothing of accurate, dishonors ever bestowed on me was when you named me KDWB’s “Butthead of the Day.” Are such honors part of your Chicago radio act?

A: Butthead … you? Must have been a mistake. No “Butthead of the Day,” but I do “Kid of the Week,” where amazing kids are honored because they deserve it and they make their parents listen every day after.


Q: While in Chicago you’ve had a pretty amazing discovery that resulted in meeting your birth mom. How is that working?

A: We are about to celebrate our 13th Christmas together. Should I ask for a sweet bike or an iPhone? It’s been, and is, great and I have two sisters and two nieces, too. No dysfunction … yet.


Q: Are you doing stand-up comedy around Chicago?

A: Still do five to 10 stand-up shows a year, mostly theaters, and a big New Year’s Eve show for 1,000 or so.


Q: Have you worked your way into the movie scene in Chicago to the extent you did here?

A: My film career ended when I got to Chicago. But honestly … how do you top having Walter Matthau say, “Shut up, fatass,” to me, the weatherman, in “Grumpy Old Men”? C’mon!

Q: When was the last time you were in Minnesota?

A: Been a couple of years, but was up to spend some time with my old pal Paul Douglas, and I’m in touch with Mark Suppelsa here all the time. My big-shot business pal, Craig Jaakkola, comes here or I see him there. And recently reconnected with my old friend Greg Thunder, who is back home as you know on Cities 97 with the great Keri Noble. I will always be the Twin Cities ambassador to anybody who asks. Love it … miss it.


Q: Is there a question you get tired of fielding?

A: Are you Billy Joel? I love him, but it’s not the marrying-Christie Brinkley-in-her-prime Billy Joel. It’s the closer-to-dead one …


Q: What is one of your biggest regrets?

A: Hmmm. It’s a long list, but how about telling people the night I hosted one of the grand opening parties that the Mall of America would never last.


Q: Your election prediction was, oh what is the phrase, COMPLETELY WRONG! You told me Hillary Clinton would win with over 300 electoral votes? I’m going to let you redeem yourself by predicting who’ll be out the White House door first: Stephen Bannon or Reince Priebus?

A: I was so wrong, off-the-charts wrong. Didn’t vote for Trump, but hope he finds a way to grow up at age 70 and be great. There’s no upside to his failing now. As for who’s out first, my depth chart: Bannon less than a year … Priebus stays the duration.


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