Jason Brown, 2014 U.S. men's figure skating silver medalist and 2014 Olympic Team bronze medalist, may have picked the winner of "Dancing With The Stars."

Two of Brown's Olympic teammates, ice-dancing gold medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis, have been among the best dancers on Season 18 of the ABC show, which concludes Tuesday. And the one Brown thinks will win is still in it.

Brown stood up and danced around for an interview during his recent stop here for "Stars on Ice" at St. Paul's X. The Olympian who skate-danced "Riverdance" was an ebullient, dancing, ponytailed joy during my startribune.com/video. And speaking of his ponytail, I forgot to shoot a close-up of this famous feature so prominently discussed in our Q&A!

Q: Does your ponytail have its own Twitter account?

A: It does! I don't know who made it but it's there.

Q: Are they writing funny stuff or should you ghostwrite it?

A: I think it's so funny. I've read some of them and I, like, CRACK up. I've actually had, like, conversations with my ponytail. Which, like, sounds ridiculous, but it's so funny. It's a great Twitter account [@2014PonyPower].

Q: What is the most odd question you've been asked about your ponytail?

A: I think the fact that people are asking if it has a Twitter account. It's not odd to me anymore but at the beginning it was just so funny. Who'd have thought?

Q: Weren't you pressured to cut it off at one time?

A: Yes! I've thought I was going to cut it off so many times. The past three years, every year began with, 'Should I cut it? Should I keep it? Should I cut it?' Now it's here to stay at least for the next two years. I'm not doing anything to this ponytail.

Q: You cannot be as happy as you seem, always smiling. Does your mom say you were a happy baby?

A: YES! I've always been really happy. I love what I do and I think that's why I'm so happy. And I get to be here, get to be in "Stars on Ice" and with all my role models and so many friends. Doing what I love to do is why I'm so happy.

Q: Did Rohene Ward, your choreographer, tell you anything special to do while you're in Minnesota?

A: He RAVES about Minneapolis. I wish I had more time but I'm leaving right after the show to go home. When Nationals are here in 2016, he is going to take me on tour after tour!

Q: What athletic feat is as beyond your skills as dunking a basketball is to me?

A: You never know. That would be amazing. I would love to dunk a basketball. I would love to do what the gymnasts do. The male gymnasts are unbelievable. The bar, when they flip around; if I could do that, that would be amazing.

Q: Do you know how many revolutions you have completed when you finish a spin?

A: No idea. I count. I count but I generally count slower than I'm spinning to make sure … you always need six on one side, or there's a bullet that gets you eight; if you do eight revolutions that's a bullet. There are different times when I'm counting but not the whole [program].

Q: Have you started putting money in a 401(k)?

A: I have NOT! Maybe my parents have! Fingers crossed, fingers crossed!

Q: What is something you wish your fans understood about skating before they watched you perform?

A: That's a hard one. I just want them to enjoy it. Come and cheer on the skaters and be loud and have the best time.

Q: Who do you think will win "Dancing With The Stars?"

A: Oooh. [Exhaling deeply.] I love Charlie but I think Meryl is the best. Shhh. This goes nowhere [He made a cut motion. White was still in the running when we did this interview but has since been eliminated. His Olympic partner Meryl Davis is still in it].

Q: Bloggers are already saying DWTS is rigged for Meryl, who is a great dancer; and I think either Meryl or Amy Purdy, who is incredible in those prosthetics, will win.

A: I do think Charlie is underscored.

Q: If "Dancing With The Stars" calls, will you answer?

A: I am in, if I am available. I am doing it!

Q: Are you a perfectionist?

A: Yes. Completely. Complete perfectionist.

Q: What explains the popularity of "Riverdance?"

A: I wish I knew. I love "Riverdance," have seen so many videos of the dancers. It is unbelievable. I can totally see how some many people are captivated. The fact that I was able to do a version of "Riverdance" on the ice, and people got so invested and excited about it, means the world to me.

Q: How many times have you seen "Riverdance?"

A:  Live? Never seen it live. I've wanted to see it so badly but I watched it on YouTube over and over and over again.

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