Prince and Bryant Gumbel: Twins? Photo courtesy of "Today"

It's not news that Bryant Gumbel and Prince had a strong bond. The rocker even popped by for the anchor's last day on "Today" in 1997, surprising his usually unflappable friend by dressing up like him and performing a special song in his honor.

It turns out it wasn't the only time Prince wrote music for Gumbel.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Gumbel reveals that the superstar, who died last year, once offered to compose the theme song for CBS's "Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel," the short-lived newsmagazine show that debuted in 1998.

"He took a run at it and I didn't like it," Gumbel told reporter Stephen Battalgio. "After three times I called it off. It was becoming embarassing -- a guy who can't read music can't tell Mozart, 'No this isn't good.' But I own three Prince songs that have never seen the light of day."

Gumbel's current HBO series opens its 23rd season earlier this week.