Temperatures far surpassed the 100-degree mark across much of India andPakistan earlier this week, but slightly cooler weather could be on the way bythis weekend.According to AccuWeather.com meteorologists, a trough will weaken the ridgeresponsible for the recent hot weather across the region, allowing at leastsome cooling to occur Friday through the weekend.

Indian slum dwellers collect drinkingwater from a mobile water tanker in New Delhi, India, Thursday, May 27, 2010. Adrinking water shortage and power outages are adding to the woes of locals assevere heat conditions continue in northern, western and central India. (APPhoto/Mustafa Quraishi)
Slightly lower high temperatures, around 115-118 F (upper 40s C), areexpected Friday through Sunday.However, meteorologists foresee the ridge rebuilding, bringing back highs inthe 120s F (50s C) by the middle of next week.

Jacobabad, Pakistan recorded a high temperature of 124 F (51 C)Thursday.

Temperatures reached as high as 127 F (nearly 53 C) in parts of PakistanWednesday.

Delhi, India reached 113 F (45.2 C) Wednesday, which is the hottesttemperature recorded there in four years.

Schools were shut down in Haryana, India. Several deaths in the last twoweeks have been blamed on the heat.

(content contributed by AccuWeather.com meteorologists Bob Tarr and JasonNicholls.)By Carly Porter, AccuWeather.com Staff Writer.