If you want a sobering look at what has happened to the Timberwolves in the past three years — and what might happen in the next three — ESPN has you covered.

In its "future power rankings" of NBA teams, which evaluates franchises in a number of categories to determine their prospects for success over the next three years, ESPN has the Wolves at No. 22 out of the 30 NBA teams. It gets even worse when you consider how far the Wolves have fallen. Less than three years ago, when Tom Thibodeau was hired, the Wolves were No. 5 in these same rankings.

It makes sense: Andrew Wiggins was still considered an emerging talent, Karl-Anthony Towns had just won Rookie of the Year and both were playing on modest rookie contracts. There was talk the Wolves could be the next Golden State. Three years later, the Wolves have one playoff appearance (and one victory) to show for all that potential.

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