$4,000 and up

Making the bike commute easier

Bosch eBike Systems are designed to make pedaling to work easier. The company, a German manufacturer of automotive parts and electronics, has turned its expertise to bicycles, working with such cycling brands as Cube and Haibike to make powered bikes that are sold by independent dealers. Bosch components include a power pack and charger that can last up to 100 miles, a drive unit that delivers a boost of power and an onboard computer that allows ­riders to track data and switch modes. Five drive modes give a different level of power. For instance, the sport mode provides an immediate burst, which is good for city traffic, and the tour mode provides steady support, which is suited for longer rides. Bosch does not make retrofitting kits, however, so riders need to visit an independent bike dealer to buy one outfitted with the eBike System


STM Drifter Energy laptop backpack


Charger included in protective computer pocket

STM's Drifter backpack has many useful features, including an ergonomic design, water-resistant fabric, zippered pockets and roomy, padded compartments. What more could you possibly want in a backpack? STM has the answer: an integrated energy supply to charge your devices. New to the Drifter backpack is Joey, a smart battery system that offers high-speed charging that adjusts according to the device and a temperature sensor that protects the device and bag from overheating. Best of all, Joey has its own pocket and cord management system, so it won't take up extra storage space.


TYLT Y-Charge [QUIK]


USB car charger makes traveling easier

Driving to work is a perfect time to charge mobile devices, but to get the power to devices, many people will need a USB car charger. Tylt's Y-Charge [Quik], named for its Y shape, has two USB ports for charging two devices at once. The Y-Charge uses smart technology to deliver the proper charge at the ­fastest rate intended for each device.