Alison Scott is getting her big break at the X with Bon Jovi after all.

A local radio station informed Scott that she had won its contest to open for the hard rocker's show St. Paul tonight, the last performance in a two-night stand. Then Scott was informed that she hadn't won.

She took it graciously when interviewed by me for Thursday's print edition of the newspaper, although her fans did not.

She took off early Thursday for Chicago to visit family until her manager Kevin Bowe called a couple hours ago and told her to turn around. "Jon Bon Jovi saw your article and said This can't be. I have to fix this. This girl was so gracious in the way she handled it. So he called his management, who called the promoter, and the promoter called me. It was literally directly, all because of your story that we open the show tonight," said Bowe. "I put in my e-mail to you, 'The pen truly is mightier than the sword, at least when you're holding it. Thank you.'"

My e-mail leaves lots to desired, as Bowe's had not yet arrived when I was tipped off that he had written on his page about the change in Bon Jovi's opening act (actually acts). The e-mail has since turned up in my junk file.

"Alison is driving back from Madison. She was going to take off for the weekend and visit her brother. Me and the rest of the boys are flying down there to the Xcel right now," said Bowe, who said the rock band that beat Scott in the radio station contest -- fourforty -- is also opening, too. The station's website is a mess, I can't find the name of the other act, also opening for Bon Jovi.

Scott didn't answer her cell phone when I called. As excited as she must be, she probably doesn't need another driving distraction. "I'm sure there'll be a photo op," Bowe told me.

Saving space in Sunday's column for a good pix.

Knock 'em dead, Alison!

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