Bloomington Public Schools is 100 years old, and throwing a party to celebrate. The district festivity is Friday evening at the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington. Former superintendents, principals, teachers and community members will be there. The guest list includes Evelyn Melum, a district alumnae who's nearly as old as Bloomington schools — 97. She became its first special education teacher (then called "special class"), and went on to teach for 40 years. Melum's commute to school include a walk through a forest and a hop on a motorized wooden school bus. Back then, school held grades 1 to 12. Now, Bloomington schools is home to 15 traditional schools and more than 10,000 students. Melum retired at 70, and now lives at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington. That's also the site of Bloomington's first school, which she attended. The event features a dinner and music. When: Friday, May 19 Tickets: $50 per person. More information: