One thing we've learned from the 2008 election is that, in a close contest, the National Republican Senatorial Committee will do what campaign committees do best: attack, attack, attack. Even after the votes have been cast.

So, after months of trying to demonize Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman still wound up with a lead of 206 votes and an automatic recount. Now the NRSC has trained its sights on Minnesota's DFL secretary of state, Mark Ritchie. Zachary Roth at TPM Muckraker had the details.

And like clockwork, the GOP bobos, starting with Fox News and some conservative columnists like John Lott, have read the script and are reciting their lines faithfully. The NRSC also has started a website,, to serve as a clearinghouse for theories. The Admiral at Lake Minnetonka Liberty floated the ACORN connection.

Other bloggers jumped on the fact that Coleman's margin since election night has gone from more than 800 votes to 206. But Marc Ambinder said no one should be surprised by this development:

Two names not mentioned by conservative bloggers are Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris or Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, both of whom were criticized for politicizing their offices. And they seem to believe that, if Mary Kiffmeyer were still SOS, all would be right with the world. But Jeff Rosenberg at Twin Cities Daily Liberal doesn't remember her stint fondly:

Leave it to a Dean Barkley supporter to be the voice of reason. Steve at What's Up, Daka:

If only everyone could be so grown up.