The teacher's pet has been immortalized in the Blaine High School yearbook.

Dakota, a certified therapy dog, and Caramel, a service dog, work with their educator owners at the high school. They're popular with students and teachers, so members of the yearbook staff decided to have some fun and have included the pups' photos on the faculty pages of the publication.

"I am absolutely delighted they include her," said Dakota's owner, Vicky Camacho, a para educator in the special education department.

Faculty adviser Jill Farrell said the yearbook first ran Dakota's picture a couple of years ago.

It was a bit of a happy accident. Dakota's photo was taken on picture day so it could be incorporated into a school identification badge. And then:

"When we got the disc of student and staff photos, we automatically flowed the pictures into the yearbook page sections," Farrell said. "The editors and I giggled like mad when we saw that a picture of Dakota was included in the images."

The editors decided to publish it as a surprise. They didn't even let Camacho know about it.

The next year, Caramel appeared on the pages, as well, and with a positive reaction, they're back once more.

Dakota has served as a therapy dog at the high school for six years. Kids pet her, brush her, read to her and they've even painted her nails.

She's also a working grandmother, and her grandpups made a call on an animal management class this school year.

Caramel is the service dog for teacher Rebecca Thomas, who teaches American Sign Language.

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