*Disclaimer: Due to a delay in finding internet access, this post was written earlier than it was actually published.
One week from my last post and I am happy to say that I made it. As I write I am sitting in Los Angeles at the terminal, looking out at a double decker plane I am soon to board and happily meeting my new mates. It is safe to say I am dreading the flight. I am also concerned with our 7am landing in Sydney, which will feel like 4pm the day before.
However, in this moment I am sitting and settled, able to calmly reflect on the many hoops I had to jump through in the final week before my departure.
As expected, there were the packing woes- who knew it would take three days and an extra suitcase to get it all to fit? There were also a lot of last minute Target runs- including the morning of my flight (thanks mom).
Equally anticipated- and dreaded were the many bittersweet goodbyes and airport tears.
Even past the security lines, there were still a few hiccups. Erroneous confirmation numbers, last minute gate changes, late flights, and close connections. Thankfully, that is all behind me now.
But of course, my last week was not all stress. I found plenty of time for family, friends, fun and Fourth of July celebrations.
With all the good and bad behind me, I look forward excitedly. I have composed a list of things I am most excited to see and do while in Australia.
-See a Kangaroo, ideally with a joey (baby Kangaroo) in its pouch.
-Hold a Koala bear (illegal in New South Whales, but not in Queensland).
-See the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor.
-Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
-Find “the outback”
-Attempt to surf.
-Go for a run on the beach as the sun rises.
-Learn Aussie slang- out of curiosity and likely necessity.
-Have an old-fashioned “Barbie”
-Be referred to as a “Sheila”
Lastly, but surely not least, I hope and plan to see New Zealand following the completion of my finals in Australia.
The Journey Continues.